Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Siberian Skeletons Confirm Native American Origins : Discovery News

Siberian Skeletons Confirm Native American Origins : Discovery News

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Koch Brothers' Shutdown of the US Government: AKA The Business Plot II

In 1933 a group of industrialists and financiers asked a former US Army General what it would take to stop the New Deal by force.  This incident was called The Business Plot and if you have not heard of it, you are not alone.  The plot has been written out of most history books; as slowly but surely the narrative of American corporations as winning the war against everything from Nazis to hunger has supersede the notion of corporations ever being politically motivated to gain power and garner protection through deceptive means.  During the Cold War this particularly American fascination with the benevolence of corporations, benefits of their products and services and harsh criticism for naysayers expanded into accusations of Anti-Americanism.  As if real, living, breathing people in questioning the utility of granting ever more rights and powers to immortal corporations which exist only as a convenient legal fiction as they took them away from workers and consumers were on the side of the USSR.  Accusations like this spiraled into McCarthyism.  

What the Koch Brothers have done with their shutdown of the US government is combing McCarthyism with the Business Plot.  The Tea Party is rife with accusations of the US worker who cannot get by on minimum wage in a 38 hour "part time job" as lazy and entitled while at the same time giving people the like of the Koch Brothers complete obedience to whatever strings they pull, it is Machiavellian in its brutal efficiency in making those who would be hurt most by their policies to blame for causing them.  The Working Poor have become the Tea Party's scapegoats and drudged up every time an argument is made in favor of Obamacare or the minimum wage or what is left of the social safety net.

If the Tea Party is given their demands they will not stop with defunding Obamacare, they will privatize Social Security, they will eliminate the EPA and Dept. of Education, and do everything they promised the Koch Brothers they would do.  Because the Koch Brothers planned this shutdown in 2008 at the first mention of the Affordable Care Act.  The question is, how much do they want to take from the rest of us so we can have our country back?