Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to pass the torch

The Black civil rights movement has clung bitterly to the torch passed to it nearly 50 years ago to light the way to freedom, equality and dignity in the United States and now refuses to relinquish control of it. The deserved recipients being imho the gay and lesbian community who have never been rightfully acknowledged for their own struggles as parallel to the black civil rights movement by the now lame duck leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson. Who has said some rather nasty things I will not link to about homosexuals, Jewish folk and women, what a shit-filled coward of a man.

Gays and lesbians have been persecuted in the western world often in the same eras and areas that practiced the most brutal types of slavery, and homosexuals suffered similar fates to 'uppity' slaves. Those laws that proscribed the most wicked of tortures for homosexuals often were derived directly from the ones they used to punish runaway slaves.

Blacks are taking orders from White Evangelicals on how to live a "moral life" when these groups that are pushing anti-civil rights laws like banning gay marriage were often directly descended if not the same groups that 50 years ago were freaking out about interracial marriage and trying the same inhuman attempts at suppressing the inclusion of more people into the sphere of American civil rights and sociopolitical equality.

Shame on Barrack Obama, for taking the easy way out by supporting Civil Unions.

Shame on you African-Americans, for your unchecked hatreds of your fellow brothers and sisters. Who like you, only want to be able to more closely hold themselves to the social contract by establishing their most intimate expressions of love, life and the pursuit of liberty in public.

It is not like the entire African American community is to blame for this, but any Black person who does not support gay marriage as of yesterday is a bigot. Since you have been elevated it is time for you to reach out a hand and lift up others. It would be nice if that two nice homosexual black kids could get married without fear of bigots coming to shit on their parade.

Obama has abandonded Homosexuals

Obama chose not to exercise the slightest support against proposition 8, so that he would even more assuredly win a presidency in a state lazily steering their government between democratic little old ladies and republican strongmen. Proposition 8 passed in large part to the deep suspicions the black community has of homosexuals. So now his record turn out amongst African Americans has revealed that amongst Americans only those of Middle Eastern descent are more homophobic. Congratulations, now African Americans are indeed the "man" to the homosexual community. A celebration sowed alongside anothers sorrow. Blacks in California should be ashamed of themselves and if were not racist I would wish they would self-flaggelate themselves.

Blacks in the state of California have taken away someone else's right to marry whom they choose, when only a few generations ago they were the ones being told whom they could not marry. Shame on African Americans in California and their homophobic, ignorant and too often outrightly racist pastors, community leaders and the like who spent too much time recalling how their ancestors were whipped, raped and enslaved and too little time recognizing the position of their fellow brethren in the present who are in a similar position to what they were in only 40 years ago.

Africans and African Americans who identify themselves as Christian are overwhelmingly homophobic only outmatched by those who identify themselves as Islamic, and as they celebrate having a president, plans are already being hatched to even further exploit the newly minted African-American voting bloc to shit upon homosexuals in other states. 10's of thousands of freshly anointed gay couples in post-nuptial wedding bliss have been shat upon by the blacks, shat upon in orgiastic abandon and the blacks have much more shit to give.

The corpulent, often child-raping and always corrupt Christian white Evangelical and black Pentecostal leaders are in league only for power and profit. They are disgusted by themselves and what they represent and they often use food and child rape as ways to relieve the terrible stress of being a leader of bigots. Having no way to recant a word without fear of the mob they lead turning on them. They are the only ones who live in more fear than the people they persecute. A leader of a mob too often becomes the sacrificial lamb consumed in the brutality of a mob's hateful ambitions to destroy that which reasons with them.

Oh Obama; you feind, you cad, you right bastard; take the time to realize the shit that clings to your victory as your African-American supporters like pigs roll in it.

It is time to remind blacks around the country that we white folk did not fight for their civil rights so they may shit upon others.

I am certain the homosexuals will find someone to shit upon when they win their rights too; that is how it goes, I suppose.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, Obama the Vapid

Shaking off the stardust like raver glitter from Obama's meteoric rise to his being elected overseas President of these here United States and looking hard at the man himself he is no more than a man enamored of his own platitudes, a gracious host to others greased up hands who does not even cough anymore and what of the man's senseless speeches spoken to the lowest common denominator, the fleas of our modern existence do bite and he forgets not only the host but the nature of the plague. Our economy, our society and our system of government is at a crossroads and we get a reactionary in Change's clothing. Who is left to lead us? Where is our revolutionary guard? Where are the individuals who will institutionalize this mess of anarchistic impulses and shared sense of liberty? Where are those who are prepared to make laws based on principles instead of precedent?

We Americans like to think of ourselves as clever when we are confronted with adversity, that having someone elected under a mandate of change will make it so. We neglect the massive Golden flywheel of the status quo that has since the Earth was young usurped or overran much potential for mankind to have social, economic and scientific progress. That such a leviathan of lavish lassitude exists, always seeking to consolidate and centralize its power so that it may if challenged do so on in its own system of laws that all lead back to its establishment is now becoming obvious to TV pundits even. Some self-proclaimed skeptic barks that he is always hoping that we will see Obama genuflect soon on his failings to be anything more than
a more sophisticated shill
a man made of candy and crap
but he will be dissapointed he will be shamed complacent and made to vote VOTE BLUE VOTE RED

God spends every night when he could be smashing quasars together or shooting heroin tending everyone who voted for Obama individually with lush epic dreams about their ever so favorite celebrities from their ever so favorite television shows giving them head while they eat a burger the size and shape of a human skull

pickled eyes
meaty lips
american cheese

Politics has become two crayons used to demarcate all of existence into idiots and fuckwits
Idiots and Fuckwits, your choice is change
And those Senators and Congressors
your choice is nil, no one can shake an apple from a dead tree
the gods of the revolution play games in the afterlife you will not understand

Those democrats do giggle when provoked so amuse yourself.
Republicans are usually not the shits and giggles type, so schadenfraude.

There he stands so falsely alone and stands where
the power of precepts are the precepts of power
now immersed in the bowels of the beast does he not stink of its shit willfully?

His bastard accomplices bitch about this and that, this and that
A shield of humane pejoratives to make him all the more easier
to like to love to lick to cum to spread the dead seed they name Change
Paralysis in labor to deliver change and everyone gets their money shot, congratulations
An accidental Genesis is an abortion in waiting, crying to be let back out
An accidental Revolutionary is a despot

Palin is a female Dan Quayle.

The man spouting unforgivably vapid platitudes that stink up the mind should not be given a free ride so as to be untouchable now but filled with sharpened sticks of inquiry later. He will be jabbed you know and it is better to spit him now than to spit on him latter. Meat is the foundation of a healthy political diet.

Monday, July 14, 2008

From the muck

American politicians arise as if from the muck and metaphysics of spontaneous generation and are not made in the same way or of the same stuff we are. They pretend parenthood and coddle us as if from them we germinate like endless spores but I am not some germ from a politician's beslimed theories. It is time again to ask the questions relating to our social contract and from there begin discussing in turn our own theories of how to construct a proper system of government that would pour light unto such creatures till they burn.

They deceive us of the origins of our country by framing all progress as the inexorable deification of the history of politics and politicians who worked their enlightened process upon the dark clay of a republic made of savages. Too many of us allow their ever more pervasive and inventive machinations to hoodwink us into servitude to their wills. How dare some self-selecting cadre of two political parties forsake all of our individual dreams to presume mastery over our collective destiny. Radical federalism is gone, we have arrived at the end of the gloating craven idiocy of the Roman republic and soon the oh shit, look the Visogoths they will soon be upon us stage is coming and by the way put down the lead based cookware. They take turns with the limits of what the constitution can endure before becoming their court concubine instead of our shared whore and that we are entering an age of uncertain bondage with those who would dare call themselves our masters should be evident to all. The age of decentralizing the political process will soon begin and it will lead us, god willing, to an executive branch with more than one individual's hand on the red button. War for our nation must never be allowed to be the express prerogative of one man and his cohorts. Unitary executive power is a king in a suit, don't be fooled by the pinstripes.

That we are in the same boat economically and politically has become obvious enough to rouse more than indifference from even the most doltish of the populace and preening of the politician class and those who have been rabble rousing, raucous making and revolution spouting been given a chance; or more so a responsibility to ensure that questions of the propriety of this social contract be issued by decree or deliberation, that our current social contract be examined for flaws and inconsistencies, remade by general consent and once so recast as a mandate to renew our sense of responsibility in guarding our liberties against the tyranny of 1 man ever again claiming to represent the will of 300 million people.