Monday, July 14, 2008

From the muck

American politicians arise as if from the muck and metaphysics of spontaneous generation and are not made in the same way or of the same stuff we are. They pretend parenthood and coddle us as if from them we germinate like endless spores but I am not some germ from a politician's beslimed theories. It is time again to ask the questions relating to our social contract and from there begin discussing in turn our own theories of how to construct a proper system of government that would pour light unto such creatures till they burn.

They deceive us of the origins of our country by framing all progress as the inexorable deification of the history of politics and politicians who worked their enlightened process upon the dark clay of a republic made of savages. Too many of us allow their ever more pervasive and inventive machinations to hoodwink us into servitude to their wills. How dare some self-selecting cadre of two political parties forsake all of our individual dreams to presume mastery over our collective destiny. Radical federalism is gone, we have arrived at the end of the gloating craven idiocy of the Roman republic and soon the oh shit, look the Visogoths they will soon be upon us stage is coming and by the way put down the lead based cookware. They take turns with the limits of what the constitution can endure before becoming their court concubine instead of our shared whore and that we are entering an age of uncertain bondage with those who would dare call themselves our masters should be evident to all. The age of decentralizing the political process will soon begin and it will lead us, god willing, to an executive branch with more than one individual's hand on the red button. War for our nation must never be allowed to be the express prerogative of one man and his cohorts. Unitary executive power is a king in a suit, don't be fooled by the pinstripes.

That we are in the same boat economically and politically has become obvious enough to rouse more than indifference from even the most doltish of the populace and preening of the politician class and those who have been rabble rousing, raucous making and revolution spouting been given a chance; or more so a responsibility to ensure that questions of the propriety of this social contract be issued by decree or deliberation, that our current social contract be examined for flaws and inconsistencies, remade by general consent and once so recast as a mandate to renew our sense of responsibility in guarding our liberties against the tyranny of 1 man ever again claiming to represent the will of 300 million people.

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