Sunday, October 31, 2010

Top Gear's New Stig Bred On Crazy Farm [Video]

Top Gear's New Stig Bred On Crazy Farm

Top Gear's New Stig Bred On Crazy Farm

Top Gear will field its new Stig for the first time next week — after picking one at a special "farm for Stigs." But the big question for fans is — what color will this new Stig be?

The new Stig will be unveiled at Earl's Court in London next week as part of Top Gear Live, but TV producers have apparently not yet decided whether a new Stig will be introduced for next year's new series.

Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson joined fellow presenters of BBC2's motoring show to inspect a herd of carefully reared tame racing drivers.

A source said: "Fans don't know there is a secret farm where we breed lots of different Stigs. We've found just the one."

And now the secret's out. There's a farm. It breeds Stigs. One of them is pink.

Yeah, well, we think we've seen this joke before.

Top Gear's New Stig Bred On Crazy Farm

[Sun via Top Gear]

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