Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama has abandonded Homosexuals

Obama chose not to exercise the slightest support against proposition 8, so that he would even more assuredly win a presidency in a state lazily steering their government between democratic little old ladies and republican strongmen. Proposition 8 passed in large part to the deep suspicions the black community has of homosexuals. So now his record turn out amongst African Americans has revealed that amongst Americans only those of Middle Eastern descent are more homophobic. Congratulations, now African Americans are indeed the "man" to the homosexual community. A celebration sowed alongside anothers sorrow. Blacks in California should be ashamed of themselves and if were not racist I would wish they would self-flaggelate themselves.

Blacks in the state of California have taken away someone else's right to marry whom they choose, when only a few generations ago they were the ones being told whom they could not marry. Shame on African Americans in California and their homophobic, ignorant and too often outrightly racist pastors, community leaders and the like who spent too much time recalling how their ancestors were whipped, raped and enslaved and too little time recognizing the position of their fellow brethren in the present who are in a similar position to what they were in only 40 years ago.

Africans and African Americans who identify themselves as Christian are overwhelmingly homophobic only outmatched by those who identify themselves as Islamic, and as they celebrate having a president, plans are already being hatched to even further exploit the newly minted African-American voting bloc to shit upon homosexuals in other states. 10's of thousands of freshly anointed gay couples in post-nuptial wedding bliss have been shat upon by the blacks, shat upon in orgiastic abandon and the blacks have much more shit to give.

The corpulent, often child-raping and always corrupt Christian white Evangelical and black Pentecostal leaders are in league only for power and profit. They are disgusted by themselves and what they represent and they often use food and child rape as ways to relieve the terrible stress of being a leader of bigots. Having no way to recant a word without fear of the mob they lead turning on them. They are the only ones who live in more fear than the people they persecute. A leader of a mob too often becomes the sacrificial lamb consumed in the brutality of a mob's hateful ambitions to destroy that which reasons with them.

Oh Obama; you feind, you cad, you right bastard; take the time to realize the shit that clings to your victory as your African-American supporters like pigs roll in it.

It is time to remind blacks around the country that we white folk did not fight for their civil rights so they may shit upon others.

I am certain the homosexuals will find someone to shit upon when they win their rights too; that is how it goes, I suppose.

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