Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to pass the torch

The Black civil rights movement has clung bitterly to the torch passed to it nearly 50 years ago to light the way to freedom, equality and dignity in the United States and now refuses to relinquish control of it. The deserved recipients being imho the gay and lesbian community who have never been rightfully acknowledged for their own struggles as parallel to the black civil rights movement by the now lame duck leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson. Who has said some rather nasty things I will not link to about homosexuals, Jewish folk and women, what a shit-filled coward of a man.

Gays and lesbians have been persecuted in the western world often in the same eras and areas that practiced the most brutal types of slavery, and homosexuals suffered similar fates to 'uppity' slaves. Those laws that proscribed the most wicked of tortures for homosexuals often were derived directly from the ones they used to punish runaway slaves.

Blacks are taking orders from White Evangelicals on how to live a "moral life" when these groups that are pushing anti-civil rights laws like banning gay marriage were often directly descended if not the same groups that 50 years ago were freaking out about interracial marriage and trying the same inhuman attempts at suppressing the inclusion of more people into the sphere of American civil rights and sociopolitical equality.

Shame on Barrack Obama, for taking the easy way out by supporting Civil Unions.

Shame on you African-Americans, for your unchecked hatreds of your fellow brothers and sisters. Who like you, only want to be able to more closely hold themselves to the social contract by establishing their most intimate expressions of love, life and the pursuit of liberty in public.

It is not like the entire African American community is to blame for this, but any Black person who does not support gay marriage as of yesterday is a bigot. Since you have been elevated it is time for you to reach out a hand and lift up others. It would be nice if that two nice homosexual black kids could get married without fear of bigots coming to shit on their parade.

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