Saturday, June 19, 2010

AMERICAblog Gay: Gay Wal-Mart worker allegedly forced to wear special colored vest

From the Advocate via Joe My God. I'd like to hear more of the story than the Advocate reported. What do the coworkers say?

An 18 year-old employee at a Las Vegas area Wal-Mart says that after his bosses forced him to confirm his gayness, he was made to wear a special yellow vest and was shunned by his co-workers.
Back in March, 18-year-old Fernando Gallardo got a seasonal job at a Las Vegas Walmart, hoping to make a few extra dollars. But a few weeks into the job, Gallardo says, his immediate supervisor asked him "point-blank" in front of four of his coworkers if he was gay, and from then on alienated him from the 50 other associates at that location. "I told her yes, and after that she was very rude and short with me," he tells The Advocate. Gallardo says that soon after the incident, he was stripped of many of his daily duties and asked to wear a yellow vest and walk around the store. By mid May his supervisor and two other managers stopped talking to him completely.

Walmart attracts people who would of in the past worked blue collar jobs but now find themselves constrained to going from retail to retail job. They tend to encircle themselves in alternating layers of bigotry and religiosity to defend themselves from people they think of as acting better than them, coming from different background or trying to educate themselves.

My friend in Ohio worked in a Walmart through college and got a lot of hate heaped on him as he neared graduation, the managers resented his success.

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