Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mossad agent arrested over Dubai murder will be extradited to Germany

Mossad agent arrested over Dubai murder

By Allan Hall
Last updated at 12:28 AM on 13th June 2010
An Israeli Mossad agent allegedly involved in the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai has been arrested in Poland.
The agent, named as Uri Brodsky, could now be extradited to Germany, which has accused him of obtaining a false German passport used by one of the killers.
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas’s military wing, was found dead in a Dubai hotel on January 20.

The Mossad mission triggered international condemnation when it was revealed that stolen passport information – including that of 12 British nationals – had been used to allow the agents to enter Dubai.

The German passport of Michael Bodenheimer allegedly used by Uri Brodsky
Fake picture: The German passport of Michael Bodenheimer allegedly used by Uri Brodsky
Polish authorities said Brodsky, an Israeli citizen, was seized last week on a European arrest warrant as he flew into Warsaw airport. Germany claims he managed to obtain a passport under the name Michael Bodenheimer in June last year from officials in Cologne.

It is alleged that Brodsky managed to trick staff by claiming he was a relative
of a Jewish family named Bodenheimer, who had been thrown out of their home by the Nazis in the Thirties.

Under German law, relatives of those disenfranchised under the Third Reich’s race laws are entitled to claim citizenship of the modern state.
In a report due to be published tomorrow, German magazine Der Spiegel will revealthat international police agencies tracked Brodsky entering Dubai several times before January. German officials also claimed there is evidence that the home address given by Brodsky had been faked by Mossad and was near their base.

‘The agency must have counted on the fact that the citizen registry office in Cologne would have someone from the German Embassy check Bodenheimer’s background,’ the report in Der Spiegel says.

Brodsky is alleged to have been involved in logistics, providing paperwork, safe houses and other back-up for the 20-strong execution squad.

His arrest could pose serious problems for Israel, which has denied assassinating al-Mabhouh.
Israel is going to be paying the salaries of half the PR firms in the world with all their recent fuck ups. No amount of cheap diplomatic tricks will be bringing d├ętente to the severely strained relations Israel  has with the vast vast majority of the world. What Israel risks in refusing to acknowledge its intelligence and tactical failures is decades of strategic cold war as they pout like spoiled 40 year children in their single parent's basement.  This tragicomedy stars the US as an Archie Bunker-like bigot who will never admit their child can do any wrong as they fill the crawlspaces with the bodies of dead Palestinians and Hippies.  Maybe Cartman can have a cameo?

This agent with the help of Mossad faked a family history involving the holocaust to obtain a German passport, that should make the holocaust deniers giddy tonight.  Israel faking entire families that were killed in Shoah, how low can they go?

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