Friday, June 11, 2010

Burgers becoming more dangerous than bombs

More people die each year in the United States from tainted food than from the September 9/11 attacks but the regulations that in the past protected consumers are being eroded under the auspices of Food Manufacturing Lobbies who promote efficiency over safety, consumption over reduction and productivity over protection.  Our food supply has never been more vulnerable to negligence as well as the more nefarious elements in our society and the world who would want to do harm against US citizens, oh you know terrorists?  

Perhaps the next attack is not going to be a bomb but a burger, E. Coli being trivial to modify for weaponization and beef patties reaching millions of mouths before recalls can have effect has the potential to be an embarrassing back door congress insists must stay open for their friends in industrial food production and farming.   1/3rd of America eats fast food every day and we have no idea how many burgers are out there anymore.  It can take weeks to track down all the beef involved in an accidental E. Coli outbreak and if they hit multiple targets it may be months before anyone could munch on a burgers and fries.  
Rarian Rakista

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