Friday, June 11, 2010

Plutocrats Malign Honest Scientists

The assault by the Republicans (cryptofascists) on our research and development sector have reached a troubling pitch with the revelation that a longstanding claim of the far right ideologues and their corporate masters that the scientific consensus known to listeners of Limbaugh and followers of Fox as the Global Warming Conspiracy will reportedly be stripped from any EPA report, findings or policy documents if Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) the Palin protoge has her way.  

The chance of this passing is almost nil but it should be made clear that Blanche Lincoln (D) is reportedly eager to proclaim her allegiance to the big polluters that have funded her for all of her stay in public office.    

Monkeywrenching science that by all appearances must inspire a generation to work past the status quo for a revolution in energy policy is being peddled away for the sake of a few more billion in the pockets of already ludicrously wealthy plutocrats.   The folk who are heading dinosaur burning energy firms command a shattering assault on an already shredded social contract which while founded on principles of equity has been delivered most of us unto the burning rubbish the rich throw out their high windows.    

  If there is to be a minimum wage there must be a maximum wage, pass it on.  

Rarian Rakista

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